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September 2017 – September 2020



“EUROPE IN MY PROFESSION” project aims to acquaint students and young academics with the role of the European Union in their relevant professional field as well as to introduce the opportunities provided by EU funds and programs for career development. For the project implementation will also be used resources of Bulgarian universities with which partnership agreements will be signed. The project will include research activities, organization of a research conference and publication of a book on the same subject.

Core activities:

  1. “EUROPE IN MY PROFESSION DEBATES” – a series of 10 workshops with 300 students, postgraduate students and young academics in 10 leading Bulgarian Universities in the cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Veliko Turnovo and Blagoevgrad. The participants will be acquainted with EU achievements in different sectors: industry, agriculture, energy and environment, architecture and construction, finance, trade, management, professional and social services, education, medicine, arts, etc. They will have to fill in a questionnaire and will be able to express their views on the topics discussed. To take part in the workshops will be invited EP members, diplomats and experts from EU institutions and from Bulgarian ministries and institutions.
  2. CONFERENCE AND PUBLICATION: “EUROPE IN MY PROFESSION”. A BESA conference will be organized dedicated to the impact of the European Union on the professional orientation and career development of young people in Bulgaria. Researchers will use the collected empirical material from the questionnaire and from the workshops and will prepare papers for a research conference. These papers will be published as a collection of scientific works both on paper and as an e-book.
  3. “EUROPE IN MY PROFESSION” WEB-BASED PLATFORM will promote the knowledge about EU policies, funds and programs in different professional sectors as well as the results of the debate and the research.
2005-2009 Participation in the FP6 Network of Excellence CINEFOGO / “Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe – The Making of European Citizenship”, coordinated by the University of Roskilde, Denmark
2009 Development of a draft for the Bulgarian Government’s Communication Strategy for the EU for the period 2010-2014, on assignment from the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2008-2009 Participation in the preparation of research studies for the Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament on the nomination of MEP candidates by national political parties
2005-2009 Participation in the FP6 Network of Excellence EU-CONSENT / “Wider Europe, Deeper Integration? Constructing Europe Network”, coordinated by the University of Cologne, Germany


2006-2008 Participation in the FP6 international project ESSHRA / “Towards FP7: Enlarging the SSH Research Agenda”, coordinated by TUBITAK – Ankara, Turkey
2006-2008 Participation in the international project “You have a message from Europe”, coordinated by the Black Sea Environment Association (KACED) – Rize, Turkey
2006-2008 Coordination and implementation of the PHARE 2004 Civil Society Project “Networking for Citizens and Neighbours – Networking for Europe”, jointly with the Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) – Brussels
2007-2008 Participation in the preparation of briefing papers and research studies for the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, coordinated by the Trans-European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) – Brussels; analyses of BECSA members focus on the European Neighbourhood Policy, Black Sea Regional Cooperation and EU-Russian relations
2008 Partner in the implementation of the initiative “Europe ici et maintenant” (“Europe here and now”) of the French Institute in Sofia, jointly with two other Bulgarian NGOs and Radio France International
2007 Participation in the Jean Monnet project “Migration Flows, Sustainable Development and Neighbourhood Policy in the New EU Countries”, coordinated by the JM Chair in EU economics at the University of Genoa, Italy
2007 Coordination and implementation of a project commemorating the 50th anniversary of the signature of the Rome Treaties, with the participation of three Bulgarian universities and in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the Bulgarian Communication Strategy for EU integration
2003-2006 Participation in the Socrates – Erasmus III thematic network “ATELIERS I MEDITERRANEI”, coordinated by the University of Malta
2002-2006 Information activities about FP6 opportunities under the heading “Citizens and governance in a knowledge-based society” as National Contact Point for social sciences and the humanities
2003-2005 Participation in the FP5 international project FORNET: A Network of research and teaching on European foreign policy, coordinated by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), United Kingdom
2004-2005 Coordinator of the Jean Monnet project “Young Scholars from the Three Candidate Countries for an Enlarged EU”, implemented in cooperation with the Romanian European Community Studies Association (RECSA) and the Turkish University Association for European Community Studies (TUNAECS)
2004-2005 Participation in the national EU Information Market “Let Us Ask and Understand” held on the initiative of the Bulgarian Minister for European Affairs
2002-2004 Coordinator of the regional Jean Monnet project “2007 – ONE ENLARGEMENT IS NOT ENOUGH: An Inclusive Enlargement Process – Post-First-Wave Prospects for South Eastern Europe”, implemented in cooperation with the Romanian European Community Studies Association (RECSA), the Turkish University Association for European Community Studies (TUNAECS), the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Sussex European Institute – University of Sussex, the UK, the Hellenic University Association for European Studies (EPEES), and university lecturers from Serbia-Montenegro and Macedonia
2004 Discussions and public lectures on EU-Russian relations implemented jointly with Jean Monnet professors from the Russian Association of European Studies
2004 Implementation of a programme of public debates and lectures on American perceptions of EU reforms funded by the Fulbright Commission – Sofia and involving members of the EUSA (ECSA-USA)
2004 Implementation of the project “The EU between a Constitution and Parliamentary Elections – Views From the Outside” in cooperation with the Open Society Institute – Sofia
2004 Implementation of the project “Informing tobacco producers and representatives from municipal agricultural units about forthcoming reforms in the tobacco sector” in cooperation with Fund “Tobacco” at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry within the Bulgarian Communication Strategy for EU integration
2002-2003 Participation in the Academic Network for the Future of Europe, jointly with the College of Europe Alumni Association in Bulgaria (ABSKEB) and seven Bulgarian universities, in the organisation of a series of discussion forums and publications under the heading “We in the European Debate”
2001 Implementation of the project “Training Courses for Secondary School Teachers in History and Geography” under the Information Programme of the EU Delegation in Sofia
1996-1998 Participation in the international research project “The Political Economy of the Eastern Enlargement of the EU” within the ACE programme of the EU coordinated by the European programme of the Royal Institute of International Affairs “Chatham House” – London, UK
1997 Participation in the PHARE project “Survey on Teaching EC Law in Bulgaria: A Comparative Study and Recommendations for the Improvement of the Teaching Process” (PHARE-BG-9316-02-01), jointly with the Faculty of Law of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
1997 Implementation of the project “Training of Czech and Bulgarian Parliament Experts in EU Affairs”, jointly with the Centre for Democracy and Free Enterprise – Prague, Czech Republic
1997 Implementation of the research project “The European Policy for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Transition in Bulgaria” funded by the European Fund of the Open Society Foundation in Sofia
1997 Implementation of the information and training project “Student Visits to EU-related Structures in Sofia” funded by the European Fund of the Open Society Foundation in Sofia
1996 Implementation of the project “Cooperation with the EU and the Priorities of International Cultural Policy” jointly with the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture
1995 Participation in the research project “The Role of Parliamentary Committees in the Political Process” project under the PHARE-Democracy programme
1995 Coordination of the international project “Teaching European integration in Bulgaria – the state of the art” under the TEMPUS – Complementary Measures programme, in cooperation with the Centre for European Studies – Sofia, and the European University Centre at the University of Nancy II, France