About Us

Our association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization. Its members are people, whose academic, teaching or other professional, social or creative work is strongly dedicated to the European Union, to the different fields of European researches and to the collaboration between the EU member-states.

The Bulgarian European Studies Association is the successor of  the Bulgarian European Community Studies Association, founded in 1993, known as BECSA.  

The aims of the Association comprise:

  • developing and reaffirming  a value-based civil society in Bulgaria in accordance with the achievements of the integration and cooperation process in Europe ;
  • researching the theoretical and practical problems of the EU’s activities, the opportunities and challenges of the participation of Bulgaria in the European integration’s structures, as well as in the European political, economic, academic and cultural agenda;
  • providing with EU related information and knowledge the general public, the scientific,  political, professional, cultural and other communities;
  • providing with information and assistance foreign organizations, academic and professional communities and individuals about the place, role, opportunities of Bulgaria’s participation in the structures and processes of European integration and cooperation.

In order to achieve these aims, the Association develops the following activities:

  • supports the cooperation between scientists, university professors and other specialists in the area of European researches;
  • organizes a wide variety of academic events – conferences, round tables, seminars, discussions, academic meetings, etc.;
  • highly supports Bulgarian universities for teaching disciplines, related to European integration and cooperation;
  • supports networking and cooperation with various partners and  organizations, which develop similar activities in Europe and worldwide’ with other Bulgarian non-governmental organizations, public institutions, and the EU institutions;
  • participates in programmes and projects, which contribute to achieving the aims of the Association.


The Board of the Association

Assoc. Prof. Svetla Boneva, PhD (President of the Assocciation)

Asst. Prof. Gergana Radoykova, PhD

Asst. Prof. Katia Hristova-Valtcheva, PhD

Asst. Prof. Monika Moraliyska, PhD

Asst. Prof. Veronika Stoilova, PhD